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What’s up in 2014?

Ah… not as much as I’d expected, so far! I faced the challenge of illness all month… truly a trial, as I had all kinds of plans for building my business in January. But a coach learns to “dance” … and not with what’s planned! The need to dance is the need to work with what comes, with the unexpected. And so I danced with fatigue, coughing, and pain instead of with WordPress and conference submissions!

But life is like that, isn’t it. The trick is in not defining success with the To Do list! My success is measured in terms of my mission: and there is still time to “bring joy back to the workplace”. This is the difference I experience by being “pulled” by my mission, rather than driven by my backlog. Phew!

And still, things have come to me on my sick bed! Life is wonderful. New clients show up (Welcome!), based on seeds sown last year, and conference invitations come through former collaborations. Hmm. Maybe I planned too much for January, after all? :-)

So, here’s what’s coming up, so far. I’m pretty excited about the things shaping up… Continue reading

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